Face Mask Working Group

The Face Mask Working Group – Mutual Aid Worcester is made up of local volunteers who create handmade sewn face masks for those who need them.

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Lina Thi Nguyen Coordinating the Southeast Asian Coalition Community, Elders and Youth and putting together face mask kits
Mihoko Wakabayashi of SAORI Worcester assembling face mask kits, sewing and making a variety of creative ties! Main South drop off bin 18 Winslow st.

Pam Cherkas behind the scenes master face mask organizers/ connector
(linking up who is making how many masks and where the masks are going) group co-coordinator

Laura Evonne Steinman community artist/educator sewist face mask help desk, sewing face masks and making kits. East Side drop off bin 32 Westminster St. group co coordinator

Face Mask Questions/Answers

Do you have questions that need answers? Start Here!  If you have any questions, leave it here and we will do our best to answer it!


A: Please Fill out this form Sewn Face Masks Request 

Q: Where are the drop to drop off / pick up supplies, masks,…..?

A: Saori Weaving Studio 18 Winslow St. (Main South) or 32 Westminster St. ( East Side)

Q: Where are the patterns? There are so many…. which can I follow?

A: In the Face Mask Working Group  Check out the “Topics” section for the patterns.
This group is mostly using the Deaconess method .

If you are using a different method that is ok, just some places want particular methods.

Q: Where can I get materials if I don’t have them?

A: The Bins are a great place!,  ask people you know to donate supplies!
Or let us know by filling out the Volunteer form.

Q: Elastic? I can’t find any Elastic!!!!! WHAT DO I DO?????

A: You can use hair ties as Elastic if they are at least 7 inches and will stretch.

You can also use 100% cotton fabric as ties. For this you would have 4 individual ones that you would sew into each corner. (Check out the Album- Materials for an example in the FB group)

Q: I have a sewing machine to donate so others can sew…who do I contact?

A: Please email: MutualAidWorcesterFaceMask@gmail.com

Q: My masks are done, do I need to wash them?

A: YES all the masks NEED to be washed and dried before they can be used.
Please do not use fabric softener and if you can use a non scented detergent that is best. Please do not use dryer sheets.

Q: I have masks that finished! What do I do?

A: Amazing! Do a happy dance and thank everyone involved!
Please fill out the completed face mask form so that Pam knows you are dropping Masks off.
Please put them in a bag and label how many are in the bag, your first name and last initial.

The finished masks can be dropped off at 18 Winslow St (Saori Weaving).